Corporate    Social    Responsibility    has    become    an important   element   for   Company   which   conducts its acivities  by  upholding  GCG  principles.  The  main objecive  of  CSR  implementaion  is  to  improve  the society’s welfare in its economic, social, educaional, health,   and   environmental   aspect.   Through   CSR implementaion,    the    Company    is    expected    to strengthen   its   reputaion   as   a   company   which consistently  express  concerns  to  the  society,  offers inspiraion to the stakeholders to increase concerns to Indonesia’s society  and      environment. PTIS` commitment on social, environmental, and economic development become the background in implemening its  business,  while  respecing  the  environment  and the people is the basic responsibility of the Company.


As a business group which is also part of wider community, PTIS takes part in improving the quality and welfare of its surrounding communities. The Company does not limit the program implementation in its internal parties, but also encourages active participation from related government insitutions and the communities living near PTIS’ operational region.

Due  to  the  commitment  and  seriousness  of  PTIS`  to share,  grow  together  and  provide  more  benefits  to the people of Indonesia, PTIS continues to pursue and expand the type and scope of CSR acivities in various fields. PTIS’ undoubtedly commitment is to continue driving an increase in benefits to stakeholders both in terms  of  economic,  social  and  environment  through the implementation of the budget allocation policy of CSR  (Corporate  Social  Responsibility)  that  takes  into account the principles of decency and fairness.

Besides being an effort to implement GCG’s principles, CSR represents the Company commitment to achieve sustainable growth. In 2014, PTIS had the theme “Give of Sight” on its CSR acivities by the distribution of glasses and essential supplies to those in need. In this acivity PTIS was able to distribute more than 1,000 free glasses plus 1,000 packs of food package of  Sembako to the community Pringsewu Regency and Regency Pesawaran of Lampung Province through the cooperation with “Royal Club-Singapore Lions” and also partnered with local organizations namely Masyarakat Peduli Nusantara “Pinus”.

These programs are expected to bring sustainable positive impact for the environment and communities as well as paricipated in helping to reduce the difficulties felt by the community, through social service programs that would be planned as the Company’s annual acivities.

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