Company Profile of PT Indo Straits Tbk.

Established in 1985, PT Indo Straits Tbk. (“PTIS”) is one of the most recognized marine engineering companies in Indonesia servicing customers predominantly in the oil & gas and coal mining industries. Over the years, PTIS, which is a subsidiary of Singapore -incorporated Straits Corporation Pte. Ltd. (“Straits Corporation”), has built a sound reputation in its areas of expertise, namely:

• Marine Civil Engineering which specializes

  •  in offshore lifting works, dredging and reclamation works, offshore supply services to oil & gas and coal mining industries;
  •  in jetty construction, marine piling works and other marine related works such as the construction of  breakwaters, marinas and similar structures; and

• Marine Logistics Support which provides

 marine support logistics to customers in the oil & gas and coal mining industries. PTIS operates a fleet of over  43 units of floating equipment of various sizes. Supported by a team of over 320 staff in Indonesia, PTIS    enjoys strong relationships with major companies in the oil & gas and mining industries after amassing a solid  track record of successful projects with tringent safety requirements and work procedures. PTIS will continue  to leverage on its expertise and strong customer base to gain a stronger foothold in the industries which it  operates. Coupled with its sound operational presence in Indonesia, and being the largest archipelago in the  world that has vast natural resources.


“To Become a world-class One Stop Services Provider in Integrated Marine Engineering and Logistics”
To achieve the vision, PTIS and the Group will undertake the following strategies:

Build cost effective corporate structure with strong corporate governance and operational excellence;
Develop strong business in marine engineering and logistic support services.

Corporate Pillars

People and customer centric organization PTIS is a People Organization:

All staff work towards a common goal
Committed to environmental protection and the health and safety of staff
Every member of PTIS can make a difference and contribute to his/her full potential
Encourages the sharing of ideas and knowledge to the benefit of the Company
Supports new ideas and takes appropriate risk
Takes prompt action to correct a problem
Believes in staff recognition and gives due credit

PTIS is a Customer Centric Organization:

Makes it easy for customers to do business with the Company
Listens to customers and understands their needs
Plans ahead to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to customers
Dedicated to safe, flawless execution and deliver quality results

Company Structure 

Organitation Structure 

PT Indo Straits Tbk.

   Graha Kirana Building 15th
          Floor Suite 1501

    Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav.88
         Jakarta – 14350